What is Pilates?

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a body and mind conditioning regime which challenges the whole body. It involves a combination of mind and breath control exercises. Incorporating the stabilizer muscles in the body which contribute to control of the lumbopelvic region. The core body exercises and breathing control help to support the spine through flowing movement.

Here at Leederville Physiotherapy we deliver a therapeutic approach to exercise rehabilitation, based on pain, pathology and functional activity. Our Pilates instructors are all physiotherapists trained in this modified approach to rehabilitation.

This method of activity has been found to be beneficial in the rehabilitation of conditions including back pain, shoulder pain, pelvic dysfunction, hip pain and headaches. There are also benefits in health promotion, pregnancy, post-natal reconditioning and athletic performance.

Pilates is a method of moving the spine and body in a controlled manner. It looks to coordinate movements in a way which is functional, allowing its participants to perform daily tasks more effectively and efficiently. Muscles are often able to fire, but it is the timing of muscle activity which is important. Our stabilizer systems need to be proactive in their activity, preparing the body for the load which is about to be placed upon it. Once the muscles patterns are correct, strength work can begin.  This is the difference between core stability and core strength.

A therapeutic approach to exercise ensures that everyone can participate at a level appropriate to their ability. For example, our 3D standing Pilates does not require participants to move on and off the floor, however it remains a challenge to balance and control. Work in standing allows for bone loading, which is essential in building and maintaining bone density. A control exercise can be moved into a strengthening exercise by simply adding some resistance band or hand weights.

At Leederville Physiotherapy our Pilates instructors use the latest evidence to develop their routines and apply them effectively to ensure a positive outcome for our clients. Their lifelong commitment made to continuing professional development, alongside hands on experience means you can be confident that you are being given exercises which will benefit you most.